Thursday, 29 September 2011

New to the world of "blogging"

Hello all! - Let me introduce myself. I am a 21 year old graduate on the outskirts of London, bored mindless looking for a job... with a passion for make up, shoes and all things fashion! Complimented about my large collection of make-up and also told off about my growing collection...yup that's me! This blog will initially begin with my swatches and reviews of the Elf Cosmetics ( make up that I own. (Bought with my own money). I decided to start this blog because whenever I want tob buy something from ELF and I google for a swatch it looks really pretty, but when I order it, it looks so different on my slightly darker (NC40-41) skin. This is the main purpose of this blog!

I asked on the Facebook group for ELF Cosmetics UK - if anyone thought that this would be a good idea and I received an overwhelming response. So here I am, needing your assistance along the way!! My first blog entry will be swatches and reviews on the MINERAL line of ELF lip-glosses. I hope you enjoy!

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