Thursday, 29 September 2011

ELF - Studio Conditioning Lip Balm SPF 15 - Swatches & Review

Everyone was having a rave about these huge plastic squares of gooey lip balm so I thought I just had to check them out!! Loved the swatches online..Wasn't too sure I felt the same once I received them.

                                           L2R Mellow Melon, Peaceful Pink, Nice & Natural - With Flash

                                    L2R Mellow Melon, Peaceful Pink, Nice & Natural - Without Flash

So I won't be bitter about these colours. Its just that they don't really suit my complexion? Nice and natural makes me look too washed out its too nude for me. There is nothing peaceful or mellow about the other two! They are far too bright for my skin colour. Haven't made much use of these three! 
Huge jar for £3.50
Smells nice
Tastes nice
Beautiful colour selection
Looks expensive
Not very sticky

Jar too big for normal pockets!
Abit too pigmented for lip balm, more of a lip gloss
Not suitable for long acrylic nails as it just gets stuck in!
Colours need to be able to suit everyones complexions
Nice & natural after an hour turned into gloppy goo on my lips *not a good look*

Price: 4/5
Quality: 4/5
Packaging: 3/5
Staying power 2/5 (but then again, it is a lip balm! Reapply, reapply, reapply!)

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