Thursday, 29 September 2011

ELF - Nail Polishes - RAVE!

These polishes don't need a long intro, they come at a price of £1.50 (I got 80% of them on the various 50% off's that Elf had and I got the red and white for free when our lovely prince got married in April. I love them, they don't chip, the lighter shades however do sometimes need 3 coats but I'm not complaining! They are great value and come in such a large range of colours! I hope to expand my collection further and hope that Elf come out with some of the limited edition ones they did last year. Whats your favourite colour?
The cuticle pen is "okay" I wouldn't repurchase so its nothing to rave about, the first one that I received was dry so I got sent another one for free from the lovely Elf customer service team. Can't notice anything different about my cuticles so abit of a "miss" from me. The polishes that I own are all hits! My favourite is Desert Haze, it looks perfect for this Autumn and suits my complexion.

Price: 5/5
Quality: 4/5

Packaging: 5/5 (looks much more expensive that £1.50!)
Staying power 5/5 (Chip resistant if you apply thin layers and always top coat and base coat!)

The only improvement I could suggest to Elf is to get on the bandwagon and start creating the new "Cracking" nail polishes. I currently own two and will review them in the future!

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